June 19, 2004 - 9:00 pm


Formed in 1991 by renowned French trumpeter Erik Truffaz, Patrick Muller on piano, Marcello Guiliani on bass and double bass and Marc Erbetta on drums and percussion.

Eric Truffaz has a somewhat special place in the world of jazz, amazing everyone with his ability to move from jazz to drum’n’bass and hip hop, from rap to rock (with the Dandy Warhols group) and from the ballad (with singer Keren Ann) to the English jungle.

He was born in 1960 in the country of Geix, very close to the Swiss border and from the age of 8, he took his first steps on stage alongside his father. re which has a variety orchestra.
He discovers jazz and pop music and by dint of listening to Miles Davis, the trumpet takes on its full meaning for him. He is now presented as the most “Davisian” of French jazzmen. An assumed filiation.

From the age of 20, he met Marc Erbetta, drummer, formed the Orange band, a funk and jazz fusion, and began to tour.

Shortly after, he joined the Brazilian group Cruzero do Sul with whom he recorded 3 albums including a “live” one at the Montreux Jazz Festival.

He goes on concerts, settles between New York and Brazil.

At the age of 30, he decided to create his group and contacted Marcello Giuliani and Marc Erbetta in order to have a versatile rhythm, Pierre Luc Vallet for the piano and Maurice Magnoni on the sax.

They record an album “Nina Valeria”, on the Plainisphare label.

He then multiplied rap (within Silent Majority) hip-hop experiences and with the arrival of Patrick Muller who joined them in 1996, Erik Truffaz Quartet will be the first French group to be released on the mythical label “Blue Note”. with the album “Out of a dream”.

Will follow “The Dawn”, an album hailed by critics as one of the most innovative albums of the 90s.

Erik Truffaz’s fourth album released in 2000 is called “Bending New Corners”, the success of which will lead to a world tour crowned by a concert at the Olympia in April 2001.

In 2001 also appears the disc “RevisitŽ” with some members of Silent Majority and meets the composer Pierre Henry who will compose a piece for trumpet and tape.

Another group was founded by Truffaz in 2002, Ladyland with Manu Codjia, Michel BŽnita, Philippe Garcia and recorded the disc “Mantis”, a jazz rock opus cradled in oriental sounds.
2002 will also see the reunion of the quartet Giuliani, Muller, Erbetta.

In 2003, on the Blue Note label, they released “The Walk of the Giant Turtle”, an album navigating between rock, jazz ballads with calm tempos and muscular rhythms with tense riffs. It is with this album that Erik Truffaz Group is nominated for the Victoires du Jazz 2004, Victoires which will be awarded on May 7th in Deauville (France).

Since then, from Los Angeles to Shanghai, they enjoy giving concerts that give them the impetus to compose. No wonder it fills the Olympia or La Cigale.


  • 1997 Out of a Dream – EMI / Blue Note
  • 1998 The Dawn – EMI / Blue Note
  • 1999 Bending New Corners – EMI / Blue Note
  • 2001 Revisité – EMI / Blue Note
  • 2001 Mantis – EMI / Blue Note
  • 2003 Walk of the Giant Turtle – EMI / Blue Note