michel fadel
July 21, 2024 - 8:30 pm



Michel Fadel’s name reigns as a legendary contemporary Lebanese composer, displaying through choice, taste and character what gives the term ‘musical genius’ its infamous connotation. Aiming at setting himself apart and wearing his roots proudly, Fadel has become a beloved and well-recognized face in the Lebanese orchestral music, distinctively collaborating with world-class artists and producing astounding original tracks. Michel Fadel’s career has been starred with iconic collaborations such as with Fairouz, Wael Kfoury, Majida El Roumy and Kathem El Saher to name just a few. A recognizable musical trend-setter, Michel is the mastermind behind La Scène, an unmatched hub to glam, performance art, and of course, exceptional music.

As majestic when leading an ensemble as solo, Michel leads a splendid choir consisting of 60 musicians and 50 chorus members, women and men, who defend with talent and passion the great works of symphonic and choral repertoire. First of their kind in the region, Michel Fadel’s Choir is promising to make it to history as it’s done to fame. 

Promising a spectacle and an unmatched musical experience, Michel Fadel and the choir stage phenomenal renditions of the most iconic English and Arabic hits and melodies of all time that will keep the crowd cheering, singing, and moving to the tunes of a faithful performance that will only leave you wanting more.