July 24, 2017 - 8:30 pm

Milky Chance consist of members, vocalist Clemens Rehbein and musician and Philipp Dausch who are also both DJ’s. Their musical influences combine reggae with electronic, pop and folk genres to make their own original sound.


The German pair met at secondary school at the Jacob Grimm Schule in Kassel. During their school years they bonded and were both in a jazz quartet named Flown Tones. Clemens played the bass guitar and Philipp was the guitarist. However, the group broke up after their drummer decided to leave. Clemens and Philip decided to keep making music together and found a style of their own. Combining a sound they describe as ‘elegant electronic production’.
The German school friends are signed to record label Lichtdicht Records which is based in their home town of Kassel. With the help of the record label, Milky Chance went on to record and then release their debut album Sadnecessary in 2013.

After the success of their album, the pair turned their skills to YouTube and decided to upload their first single “Stolen Dance” to see what reaction it would get. The single contains bright handclaps and plaintive acoustic guitars, which consequently led to the song becoming a viral sensation around the world. The song impressively reached over 30 million views. The album then became a huge success which subsequently led Milky Chance to numerous European tours.

Their second album, Blossom, released in March 2017 features the same soothing sounds that gained them a worldwide fan base. This time though they aim to expand the Milky Chance, mainly through self-production and incorporating more electronic elements without sacrificing their natural organic sound.

“We tried to record a lot of sounds by ourselves for example, we tried not to use sample banks and use tapping with our feet – stuff like that. I think you can hear that, so the sound colours are quite a bit different.


  • Sadnecessary (2013)
  • Blossom (2017)