July 16, 2017 - 8:30 pm

“Dear all,

For the eighth time, here we are, standing again on the stage of Byblos International Festival. This year, we have prepared a music and dance show “Nasri w Philemon Fil Bal”, not just for the purpose of honoring or paying tribute to them, since in reality we are not really fond of such things.
Honoring and paying tribute is a one time thing that is immediately forgotten, while reminiscence and remembrance is a daily act, through which you travel back in time with nostalgia to beautiful moments that are now gone and you wish to relive, even for one second.
Time is nihility running towards the unknown and the end. Memories are the only thing that remains, memories of the people who have engraved our mind with their timeless works, we still hear every day of our lives.


“Nasri w Philemon Fil Bal” is a nostalgic revival of two persons who, thanks to their great art, have left their prints engraved on Lebanese Art.

Nasri Shamseddine, singer, performer and actor, with his imposing personality and presence, has left his marks on Lebanese Musical Theater, Drama Theater and folklore music.
Philemon Wehbe, one of the greatest composers, whose compositions were sang by lead female and male vocalists, both in Lebanon and the Arab world.
His tunes were hummed by every person, and remained in the heart of all people. Not to mention his unique personality and character full of humor: he performed each of his songs, not only as a great singer but also as a natural actor.

“Nasri w Philemon Fil Bal” will celebrate these two personalities, loved by the audience, but who left too early in their golden age.

The most beautiful tunes, songs and dialogues will be revived on stage with new arrangements, magnified with a great orchestra, with a large choir and colorful dancers, to delight the audience.

Refined singing, well selected songs and elegant dance scenes.

Great musical performers, such as singer and artist Ghassan Saliba, who was always part of the Rahbani works, and was the lead singer in Mansour Rahbani’s musicals as well as in Marwan, Ghadi and Oussama’s, along with other Lebanese great artists.
Ghassan, with his strong, unique and distinctive vocals, and with his imposing presence, will perform the most beautiful songs and dialogues of Nasri and Philemom.

The amazing Ghassan will be accompanied by two talented Lebanese singers Soumaya Baalbaki and Bassima.

Scenes, songs and musical dialogues will be presented on stage with appearances for Nasri and Philemon on LED screens, with footage of their musicals.

The show will hold many surprises. Colorful dancers will mesmerize the audience with a breathtaking choreography.

This stunning show will be hosted by Rafic Ali Ahmad, a charismatic theater writer, actor and director, who was acclaimed for his solo performance on stage and different forms of theater drama. Rafic Ali Ahmad is a real added value to this summer work.

New arrangements of the tunes, music and songs will breezily add magic to this summer night and will be played by a large orchestra conducted by Ghadi Rahbani, with Oussama Rahbani on piano. This show will be directed by Marwan Rahbani.

“Nasri and Philemon Bil Bal” will give you moments of pleasure while listening to songs you grew up hearing. On these notes from the past, you will remember the love stories, the passion, the love dates, and maybe the blues and separation.

We invite you all to join us to savor moments of past in a night we will spend together, in the presence of Nasri and Philemon, a beautiful long gone past, but that never left our minds nor our hearts.

See you on July 16th, 2017!”

Marwan, Ghadi and Oussama Rahbani


  • Screenplay, arrangement and supervision: Marwan, Ghadi and Oussama Rahbani
  • Direction: Marwan El Rahbani
  • Performers: Ghassan Saliba – Soumaya BaalbakiBassima– from Lebanon
  • The show is presented by actor: Rafic Ali Ahmad
  • Artistic advisor: Fouad Khoury
  • Production Manager: Abdo El Housseini
  • Choreography: Sami El Khoury
  • Dance training: Daniel El Rahbani
  • Performance of the Lebanese Orchestra with Oussama Rahbani on the piano
  • Conductor of the orchestra: Ghadi Rahbani
  • Sound Engineering: Roger Abi Akl and Odicho Kivarkiss