CÉCILE BURG A musical evening at St. John Mark’s Cathedral, Byblos
July 26, 2022 - 8:30 pm

Byblos International Festival held a musical evening in the ancient Saint John Mark Church in Byblos, in the presence of the Maronite Diocese of Byblos, Archbishop Michel Aoun, Minister of Tourism in the caretaker government, Eng. Jbeil Natalie Marai El Khoury and her husband Nizar, Director General of TV Liban, Ms. Vivian Lebbes Sfeir, Mayor of Jbeil-Byblos, Engineer Wissam Zaarour and his wife Alberta, Mayor of Blat, Qartboun and Mastita Abdo Boutros Al-Ateeq, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Notre Dame Maritime Hospital in Byblos, Dr. Joseph Antoine Chami and his wife, Dr. Beatrice, Head of the Jesuit School in Byblos, Mother Emily Tannous, Head of the Byblos Center in the Lebanese Red Cross, Randa Al Kallab, President of the Byblos International Festivals, Attorney Raphael Sfeir, and a host of events.

The evening’s program included a performance on the guitar by Ms. Cécile Burg, and songs by the composer and pianist Boutros Basbous, Naji Aoun on the violin, Lily King on the cello, Alan Aoun on the bass, Simon Basbous on the guitar, in addition to classical music pieces performed by singer Cécile Burg.

After a welcome speech from the President of the Byblos Festivals, Raphael Sfeir, a booklet was distributed on the history of St. John Mark’s Church, Jbeil, and it was announced that a second evening could be presented, in response to the public’s requests.

Lebanon Television broadcasted the evening live.